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Created in 1984 by a group of passionate military historians, collectors and volunteers, the National Military History Museum (MNHM) tells the story of the Second World War, and, in particular, the Battle of the Ardennes (Dec 1944 - Jan1945) impartially and as realistically as possible through life-sized displays and dioramas, showing the opposing American and German armies, and showing how both soldiers and civilians lived through the dramatic days of conflict.

With the aid of its collections of weapons, vehicles and other military equipment, the MNHM is able to show the technical and logistical developments that occurred in both armies. On the other hand, it also ensures the maintenance of national gratitude towards the Allied servicemen who were killed, especially the American troops who fought for the Liberation of Luxembourg.
The MHHM also acts as a meeting place for Allied and German veterans and thus acts as a catalyst and mediator for reconciliation through its actions on the European and world stages.

The other principal objective of the MNHM is to cover the history of the Luxembourg Armed Forces, with a stress on their future roles under agreements signed by the Luxembourg government to play a full part in the efforts of NATO and the European Union to prevent conflicts and manage crises in collaboration with the United Nations. The MNHM thus aims to preserve the collective national memory and to encourage and promote national gratitude by commemorating the Luxembourg veterans who volunteered to join the Allied army in the First and Second World Wars and in the Korean War.
A remembrance space to pay homage to them has been added to the MNHM. The uniforms and personal effects of Grand-Duke Jean can be seen in a special display-case. 
The “Tambov” room tells the story of the Luxembourgeois soldiers who were held as prisoners of war in the Tambov POW camp in Russia during the Second World War. 
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