Gedenkstätte SS-Sonderlager/KZ Hinzert

  • Camp d'Hinzert
  • Camp d'Hinzert
  • Camp d'Hinzert
Camp d'HinzertCamp d'HinzertCamp d'Hinzert
The camp was founded in 1938 as a camp of the German Labor Front (DAF) for workers deployed on the Siegfried Line.

It was converted into a police detention camp in the fall of 1939 and became a concentration camp in 1940 when the camp was included in the inspection of the concentration camps. The name SS special camp appears for the first time with the establishment of the police detention camp.

The Hinzert concentration camp existed from 1939 to 1945.
During this period, more than 10,000 men from all countries occupied by the Wehrmacht were imprisoned there.
Although it was only built to house 560 prisoners, on average it held 800.
321 prisoner deaths were officially recorded at Hinzert, due to torture, the lack of medical treatment, and executions by shooting or lethal injection.
However, it is uncertain whether or not all the prisoners who were murdered at Hinzert and buried in the camp have been found.

It is this story and their stories that the team of guides will help you understand, so that they will never be forgotten. 
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