Fermont Fort

  • Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
  • Gare du Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
  • Musée du Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
  • Musée du Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
  • Entrée des munition - Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
  • EMPA Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
Gros Ouvrage de FermontGare du Gros Ouvrage de FermontMusée du Gros Ouvrage de FermontMusée du Gros Ouvrage de FermontEntrée des munition - Gros Ouvrage de FermontEMPA Gros Ouvrage de Fermont
The Maginot Line is, without doubt, the most recognised name of a military defensive line of modern times, but relatively little is known about it. A visit to the Fermont Fort will enable you to better understand what it really was and to explore its facilities.

FERMONT is now a guided tour lasting for over two hours and will lead you up to 30m underground at the heart of the building, as well as above ground to the middle of the combat blocks, which still bear the scars of the fighting in 1940.

A journey of around 1.2km along a small electric railway takes you to the foot of Block 4, an artillery casemate that you will tour before going outside.

Above ground, you will explore the other combat blocks, including the 75mm gun turret in Block 1, which is still in working order and you will learn how the fort, attacked from the rear by the Germans on 21 June 1940 managed, under the command of Captain Aubert, to hold out against numerous German assaults until the armistice. 

FERMONT is also munitions, the OUTDOOR MUSEUM is full of information on the materials used on the Maginot Line.

And, finally FERMONT is a MEMORIAL to the memory of the fortress’s garrison, who “surrendered to the enemy without having been defeated” to remind us that the MAGINOT LINE held out until the armistice of June 1940.

FERMONT is more than two hours dedicated to remembrance…
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Gros ouvrage de Fermont